Social Media Pet Peeves

Social Media Pet Peeves

First off, I want acknowledge how much time and effort lifestyle bloggers and social media personalities put into their work. For some it comes more naturally than for others. I don't consider myself a professional blogger or social media personality by any means, I'm not doing it to make a living or even to supplement my income. Simply sharing experiences and things that work for me, in hopes to help someone else.


For the benefit of all, I thought it might add some value to discuss some pet peeves that can potentially drive away viewership. I'm not an expert, but I am a consumer and have consulted other consumers as well. This is not a personality shaming post, that would not be constructive, this is intended to be more of a breakdown of things that people tend to find tiresome. 

1. Making the platform used too cluttered. It's a bit overwhelming to land on a page, watching a video, or looking at an image and be blasted with tons of ads, social links, etc... It's difficult to find where to start. Think about it, you are taking a break from work, or waiting for your kid's karate class to end, do you want to spend time sifting through ambiguous promotional posts/images and pop-ups? Doesn't seem much different than browsing through a hoarder's home.  

2. Selfies. Self proclaimed beauty and fashion personalities are notorious for overdoing it in the selfie and picture department. Certainly imagery is needed, but posting multiple images of themself with slightly different poses isn't necessary. Unless you are vying for a modeling contract, an image or two of the product on or off, let's say a full size and close-up, would suffice. 

3. Apologizing for being MIA.


If you have nothing new to say or are going through something personal, don't preface that with an "I'm sorry for not posting but... " With the average person following numerous social media feeds, a missed post isn't going to raise an eyebrow.

To piggyback on this,  people also are not crazy about personalities announcing that they have big news but don't end up divulging it. If you can't disclose it, then please don't mention it. 

4. No need to fuss with your appearance. Please don't comment about a blemish, or lack of makeup, or constantly fidgeting with your hair.


To a viewer, it seems as if your are either nervous, self conscious, or self absorbed while attempting to communicate, in one form or another, with others. On that note, let the animal filters go. Let your true self shine!

5. "I am obsessed!" Are you now? The overuse of words can get old quick. Cute, love, obsessed are a few. Consult a thesaurus. 



6. You spent how much on a t-shirt at Nordstroms!


 If you are any kind of lifestyle blogger, don't assume all your readers have a Mary Poppins purse where money spews out. Not to say don't post things of quality that may cost a bit more. The objective is to keep in mind that affordable options probably appeal more to the masses. There are usually options at all price points. After all, if you have kids, a pet, or are just clumsy like myself, that $59 t-shirt will not last long.  

These suggestions are food for thought, I will definitely be keeping them in mind moving forward. There are not always things we think about when working on a piece, but are certainly noticed by others. Don't lose your consumers with the minor details. 

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